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Company Profile


Shenzhen Riland Industry Co., Ltd.(‘Riland’ for short) is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the R & D, manufacture, sales and service of inverter welding and cutting equipments, welding automated devices, welding accessories and labor protection appliances.


Founded in 2003, Riland is the earliest professional manufacturer of inverter welding and cutting equipments, the largest and leading enterprise in domestic inverter welding and cutting industry, and the first listed company in Chinese welding industry as well, which was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM in December, 2010. 


Riland products can be widely used in military, aerospace, construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel structures, marine engineering, vehicle manufacturing, electricity, pipeline, chemical construction, boilers, bridge building and normal manufacture normal industries, etc.


RilandRilonHiTronicT&RGood are the five major brands of Riland Industry Co., Ltd. Our main products can be classified into 3 groups: Inverter welding and cutting equipments, welding automated devices, welding accessories and labor protection appliances.


Inverter welding and cutting equipments mainly include: inverter MMA /TIG / MIG /Air Plasma Cutting machine.


Welding automated devices consist of integrated system of welding robot, automatic welding carriages, digitalized intelligent welding equipments and efficient welding system, etc.


Welding accessories and labor protection appliances are comprised of welding and cutting accessories, auto-darkening welding helmets.


The company has been set up the dominating distribution network in the welding industry after years of accumulation, with nearly 3600 dealers and sub-dealers, more than 300 exclusive shops in China and up to a hundred dealers covering more than 60 countries and regions overseas, offering excellent products and services worldwide.     


Independent innovation is the driving force for the company's continuous development. As a leading enterprise, the company has always been in the forefront of welding technology development.


Since the first Chinese MOSFET manual arc welding machine was invented by Simon Qiu in 1987, the concept of ‘Innovative revolution’ has been firmly rooted in the development of the company.


The team lead by Mr. Simon Qiu has achieved numerous revolutionary innovations in the development of Chinese welding technology. Not only ‘the initiative 100KHZ frequency inverter technology’ and the domestic pioneering ‘symmetric bridge structure inverter technology’, but also the recent breakthrough of ‘dual-wire welding technology featured by high deposition rate and low heat input’ with the cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology.


In 2009, the company founded a State Key Laboratory–‘digital welding lab’, which undertakes the research and development of modern welding production technology. By of the end of 2012, the company has had 105 national patents and 27 patents on software copyrights.


Riland has accumulated a wealth of advanced and mature technology in control circuit design, driving technology, standardized products lines, digital control technology, high efficient welding and welding robot system, and leading in the technology innovation and trend of development.


The pioneering work of intensified and lightened inverter welding and cutting machines has been making a great contribution in the growing and popularization of the inverter welding machine’s market in China.


As a major contributor and the leading enterprise in the inverter welding and cutting industry,


Riland has been engaged in the formulation and modification of 19 items of The Chinese National Welding and Cutting Standard.


Being an ISO9001 certified company, our quality insurance system in which all members are involved ensures the continuous improvement of products, whose products had received the certificates of 3C in China, CE in Europe Union and CSA in North America, etc.


Looking ahead, the company will gradually become a customer-focused supplier, offering complete set of service ranging from welding technology consultancy, welding process design, welding and cutting equipment, welding automated devices, welding materials and welding accessories. 


Riland will continue to promote the popularization and application of inverter welding and cutting equipments due to their energy-saving, environment friendliness and high efficiency, which shall contribute to the energy conservation and environment protection of the society.